Tinseltown Hall of Fame!

Tinseltown's food is ideal for small mouths. Choose from BBQ chicken wings in our own made BBQ sauce or classic Beef Burger made with 100% premium beef, all meals served with fries or mash. Finish with Tinseltown's ice cream sundae. See full Kid’s Menu here.

It's time to get creative

Here’s a chance for you to create your very own movie script. Download a blank story board here and use the boxes to write a story and illustrate each scene with a picture... just the way they do with real movie storyboards! Give your finished script to a member of Tinseltown staff and leave your name, age and your parent/guardian’s email address for your chance to win great family prizes!

Astred - Aged 11
PAris - Aged 9
Anisha - Aged 10
Talha - Aged 8